Clouds & Trees

imagesI was sitting the other day watching the clouds blowing along. It was amazing how they appeared to so effortlessly, glide along propelled by the wind currents. I couldn’t see those currents, but I knew they were there. I saw the effect of them – I saw the clouds moving.

My prayer at that moment became, “Father, let me be like those clouds, moved along by the rhythm of your will expressed through the ministry of the Holy Spirit. Effortlessly doing what you desire because I am not preoccupied with pursuing my own agenda, promoting my own self-interests, or proving my own self-worth.”

I thought about what Jesus said in John 3:8. “The wind blows wherever it pleases. You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going. So it is with everyone born of the Spirit.”

As I was pondering this I noticed a huge tree in my back yard that, although being acted upon by the same wind currents, remained stationary. It wasn’t moving an inch. Oh, the smaller, still tender limbs were bouncing around being impacted by the wind. But they never actually went anywhere. They swayed back and forth but when the wind finally died down they were pretty much in the same place they were before the wind started blowing. I thought to myself, “How often have I been like that tree? How many times have I felt the gentle influences of the Holy Spirit blowing in my life only to let the moment pass without any real change happening in my life? How many times have I responded to the wind of the Spirit blowing in my life with some religious response or some emotional demonstration instead of spiritual growth or transformational change that produced good works?”

I am finding that living the Spirit-filled life is the easiest hardest thing I’ve ever done! Easy because all we have to do is listen for the gentle promptings of God’s Spirit in our life. Hard because we have to condition ourselves to drown out everything else! What a job that is when everything else in our life, sometimes including godly people, is clamoring for our attention and drowning out the voice of God.

What would lives look like if we allowed ourselves to be blown along by the Spirit of God?


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