a balancing act

Philippe PetitHave you ever noticed that life in the Spirit can be a very delicate balancing act? Just when you think you’ve got it all figured out and can put your life on cruise control, something comes along that causes you to have to make an adjustment. Sometimes it’s a big adjustment. Sometimes it’s just a small tweak here or there, but the end is the same. You realize you can never get comfortable and just coast.

For us human beings that’s tough. We like to think that eventually we will figure it all out. Get all our ducks in a row. All the round pegs in the round holes and the square ones in… well, you get the idea. Then along comes a concave polygon (don’t worry – I wasn’t sure what that was either, I had to look it up on Wikipedia) and blows our system out of the water. We love absolutes. When something becomes murky or uncertain it creates an uneasiness that makes us very uncomfortable. The really interesting thing is that often, in an effort to deal with that discomfort we feel, we become more adamant in our opinion hoping that if we can convince others that what we are saying is true it will alleviate our discomfort.

I have learned one thing for sure – living my life by the leading of the Holy Spirit produces all kinds of discomfort for me. Im not sure anyone ever told me that would be part of the process. What I was told, indirectly perhaps, was that if I would let the Holy Spirit control my life I would always know all the answers and never have any discomfort. While it is true that the Spirit leads us into truth and teaches us things we need to know (John 14:17, 26), which will, in the long run, produce peace in our lives, it is absolutely mandatory that if we are going to embrace truth we must let go of error.

And so we find ourselves on an adventurous tightrope walk with the Spirit. Always adjusting. Always catching our balance. Always moving forward toward the prize set before us (Philippians 3:14).


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