193132401_c68d6595edI love to read the history of the people of Israel. It is amazing to see the grace of God illustrated in such a practical way. He chose them, not because of any special ability or value on their part, but just because he loved them. He sovereignly protected them and led them throughout their history.

The thing that stands out so distinctively is that throughout the story of Israel it is clear that God was calling them into relationship with him. He is doing the very same with us. God is calling us to draw closer, enjoy his grace and acknowledge his ways so that we might reap all the benefit and blessing that comes from walking with him in obedience.

Blessing – There is a tricky concept. One of the warnings that was given to Israel multiple times before they entered the Promised Land, was that once they had reached that place of prosperity and abundance provided by God there would come the temptation to start trusting in the blessing rather than the blesser. It happened repeatedly throughout the history of Israel and it happens to us today. By the way, the proper term for this is idolatry. I don’t like that word because too often it has applied to me. How do I know? I went from enjoying the good things God had given me and thanking him for them to stressing out over what would happen if I lost them. There are plenty of other indictors I could site but, at least for me, that’s the bottom line. If I am experiencing anxiety, fear, or a general lack of peace I can be pretty sure that I have elevated some person, possession or privilege above God in my life! If I want him to restore my peace I must deconstruct whatever altar of false worship I have erected in my life and once again allow God to be the center and focus of everything.


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