happy new year

Blame it on middle age, but I just can’t help over analyzing everything at this stage of my life. I have come to that place where I realize how valuable every moment is and I want to try to make the most of it. In doing so I realize I am making myself, as well as people closest to me, a little crazy; but, if you don’t mind, indulge me for a moment.

I understand that 2009 was a tough year for all of us financially, but what successes did you enjoy? Did you reach any goals you had set for yourself? Did you pass any great milestones? Were any of your life-long dreams fulfilled? What did you learn from those things? What new perspective did you gain as a result of those successes? Did your attitudes change? Did you grow in any way?

What about the setbacks you endured? Deaths, sicknesses, and financial setbacks all are a common part of life. The question is how do we respond to these situations? In other words, do we grow from them and become more mature in our understanding, or do we just keep responding in an inappropriate and detrimental way?

Which brings me to 2010. Have you set some goals for this year that are going to help you deal with life, both the ups and the downs, in a way that produces spiritual and emotional maturity in your life, encourages others and honors Christ? The Scripture assures us, “If you plan good, you will be granted unfailing love and faithfulness” (Proverbs 14:22).

So what’s your plan? I know the thought of goal setting freaks a lot of people out. There are a lot of reasons for that, but perhaps the most common is failing to understand the purpose of reasonable goals. If we focus on what our preferred future looks like (taking into account the purpose of God for our lives) and determine and implement the necessary steps to arrive at that future, then the process is really not that intimidating and will produce fruit that brings peace into our lives.


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