take root, flourish & multiply

Do you remember what the first commandment God gave to us was?

Genesis 1:28 – God blessed them; and God said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply.”

I know that often when we think of this passage we do so in terms of procreation. There is no doubt that God had that in mind, but it is clear from the verses following this that he was thinking in a larger context as well. In the second part of verse 28 through verse 30 God gives humankind responsibility for all creation. We know from later verses in the creation story that it was Adam’s responsibility to take care of the garden and see to it that productivity was maintained.

If we jump ahead to information we have about the “new heaven and new earth” we are told that we have been made “a kingdom and priests” to reign upon the earth (Revelation 5:9).

So, if in the beginning we were to manage well the parts of creation that had been entrusted to us, and in the end we will be doing the same, what do you suppose we should be doing now? I think it is clear from Scripture, especially the teaching of Jesus, that we should be living our lives with intentionality that yields productivity.

Too many followers of Jesus have the idea that they’re just suppose to hang out until he comes back. Nothing could be further from the truth! Jesus teaches us that we should be having the same impact on our culture that salt has on food and light has on darkness. Jesus and Paul both teach us that our future responsibilities and rewards in the Kingdom will be predicated on what we did with the responsibilities assigned to us here now.

For anyone who has read Scripture at all it should come as no surprise that God’s intention for his people is to “Take Root, Flourish & Multiply.”


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