As much as I hate to admit that I’m not invincible (typical guy thing), I recently had to break down and go to the doctor. After I described the malady to him, he said to me, “God is good to you!” He then went on to tell me how much worse it could be and, in fact, for most people the pain generally associated with the condition is much more severe than what I was experiencing.

I left the office that day thanking God that it wasn’t as bad as it could be and that I had access to medical treatment and insurance to help pay the bill – but it didn’t stop there. Since that encounter every time I have been tempted to grumble or complain about some problem or inconvenience in my life, the words of that physician ring loud in my mind – “God is good to you!”

Being negative is easy; anybody and everybody can do that. That’s what the enemy wants from you and what many of your friends and family members are comfortable with. When you choose to be upbeat, and it is a choice you have to make continually and repeatedly, it makes others uneasy. Why? Because you are choosing to trust God. When you do it proves the devil to be a liar and it “calls out” those in your life who are negative. You become living proof of Paul’s prerogative that joy should be a lifestyle (Philippians 4:4) and that a positive attitude is considered to be normal because, through Christ, all things are possible for a believer (Philippians 4:13)! People who choose to see the worst in their lives will naturally be uncomfortable around you because you have made the choice to take God at his word and live accordingly.

“God is good to you!”


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