I hate goodbyes. I’ve never been very good at them even though I’ve had to say a lot of them in my life. I’d much rather say, “see you later” as if it were just a normal, temporary parting, even though I know it will be a long time before I see the person again.

I especially hate saying goodbye to a partner – someone who has allowed me to invest into their life just as they have invested in mine. Someone who has made my life better in some way. Someone who has added value to me as a person. Someone who has helped me to be a better me. Someone who has enabled me accomplish some task or goal in my life.

It has been said that friends come into our life for a season, a reason or, in rare cases, for a lifetime. I wish all of my friendships could be those life-long ones, but that’s just not the way it happens. God strategically sends people into our lives for His purposes. It is not often that we understand fully His purpose or His timing, we just learn to take advantage of the grace of friendship that God sends our way. We’re sorrowful when the reason or the season is over, but we know that God has others He will send into our lives, just as He will send us into peoples’ lives to add value to them.

As I have experienced life more fully I have determined to be more discerning of the “moments” that God sends. I want to be fully cognizant of every opportunity given me to invest that grace He has deposited in me into the partners that He brings into my life.

Thanks Clarence and Karen for that opportunity!


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