Recently, my wife shared an interesting conversation she had. It was with one of her rose bushes. Yes, she believes in talking to – even singing to – the plants in her garden.

Anyway, this is a rose bush she has put a lot of effort into. She has pruned it, fed it, watered it and even put banana peals around the base of it (I am told that this is suppose to help) but, to this point, it has not produced one single rose bloom. Well, finally, she had all of it she was going to take and she told the bush, in her most dramatic South Georgia drawl, “If you are not going to bloom and show the glory of God you were created for, you’re nothing but a thorn bush and I’m going to cut you down.” She’s waiting to see if the threat was taken to heart by the thorn bush or not, but the statement is huge!

Because of our humanness, that is our imperfections, quirks, and our emotional baggage, we all produce thorns that will inflict hurt on other people. This will be so as long as we live. The question is are we going to put forth the effort to nurture those qualities that will ultimately produce “roses” (i.e., good works, spiritual fruit, spiritual gifts, Christ-likeness) for God’s glory, or, are we just going to be a thorn bush that is good for nothing but causing pain and discomfort in others?

In John 15 Jesus is clear about what happens to that type of branch. It is cut off and thrown into the refuse pile to be destroyed later. I would much rather come to full “bloom” reflecting the glory of God I was created for!


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