Did you think the title was a typo? Never heard of a BHAG before? It is an acronym for a “big, hairy, audacious goal”. The term was first proposed by James Collins and Jerry Porras in their 1996 article entitled Building Your Company’s Vision. A BHAG encourages companies to define visionary goals that are more strategic and emotionally compelling. In the article, the authors define a BHAG (pronounced BEE-hag) as a form of vision statement “…an audacious 10-to-30-year goal to progress towards an envisioned future.”

That sounds exciting doesn’t it? But it can also be more than a little intimidating. In fact, it can be downright terrifying! Let me illustrate this way. Do you remember your Dad encouraging you to do something like jumping into the pool for the very first time? You trusted your Dad to catch you, but your fear of jumping into the water overrode your trust. Then after much coaxing and assuring, you finally gave in and took the plunge and everything was fine. That was the first of many BHAGs that you would face in your life.

What about spiritual BHAGs? Those that pertain to following God’s will and plan for your life. I’m talking about: building a big boat because it was going to do something it had never done before – rain (Noah); leaving your home to go to an unknown place (Abraham); marching into a king’s palace and demanding that he let a whole nation go free (Moses); facing down a skilled warrior, who just happened to be a giant, with a slingshot (David); attacking a whole garrison of enemy soldiers with just your armor bearer (Jonathan); getting out of the boat during a storm and walking on the water (Peter).

I know this is a list of your run-of-the-mill Bible stories that we love to sing about and hear talked about in a sermon or Bible study, but when was the last time you were challenged to do something big for God? How did you feel? Unsure? Intimidated? Scared to death? Welcome to the club! God is always calling us to step out by faith and do things we have never done before. What we do might not ever be recorded in history or even noticed by very many people, but it is noticed in Heaven and it is the only way our faith will ever grow. And, just like our father catching us when we jumped into the pool, God is always there to catch us when we are obedient to him!

What’s the next BHAG in your life?


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