Have you ever noticed how people tend to gravitate towards being negative? Try this sometime. Stand in front of a group of people and begin to write mathematic equations on a white board – “2+2=4, 4+3=7, 5+3=9”. Inevitably, someone will stop you there. “5+3 does not equal 9, it equals 8,” they will “helpfully” point out. Why is it that no one will praise you for the ones you got right, but they will immediately point out your mistakes? It is because we tend to gravitate towards negative feelings and emotions. We see it in how quickly we allow our attitude to be affected by negative circumstances or bad news. We’re kind of like the pessimist who commented that being a pessimist means he’s always right or pleasantly surprised.

Maybe that’s why the Scripture is so adamant about us being thankful. Paul doesn’t pull any punches when he writes, “No matter what happens, always be thankful, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus.” (1 Thessalonians 5:18, emphasis added) That kind of attitude does not just happen. It is a predetermined course of action on our part. It must be planned for and executed with resolute tenacity if we are to maintain this posture of thankfulness in every situation of life. It requires not just one day a year dedicated to this theme, but a lifestyle in which we are constantly rehearsing the blessings of God upon our life, going over them again and again in our mind if necessary. We cannot dwell on the setbacks but, instead, we must simply acknowledge that God is at work in our life and he will take those setbacks and supernaturally turn them into significant moments of spiritual growth and blessing in our life every time.

So go ahead and have a great Thanksgiving Day/Life!


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