I was reading a book on prayer not too long ago and the author asked the question, “If you believed beyond any doubt that God would answer your prayer what would you ask for?” Lately, I have been challenged by questions like that – questions that have to do with God’s willingness to hear and answer my prayers.

As I was thinking about that question I was reminded of a recent occurrence in my life. My son and daughter-in-law had come for a visit and realized they had forgotten their toothpaste. I heard my son call out to my wife, “Mom, do you have some toothpaste we can use?” Immediately my wife responded by taking him a spare tube we had in the bathroom. As I listened to the exchange I thought about how much I enjoy meeting even the smallest needs in my children’s lives. At that moment the Spirit spoke into my life and said, “You take such great joy and pleasure in meeting your children’s needs, and you’re human. Don’t you believe that I enjoy meeting my children’s needs as well?” (That almost sounds biblical {See Matthew 7:11}).

I was floored! To think that God loves me, at a bare minimum, as much as I love my children. And, that he takes as much pleasure in meeting my needs as I do in meeting my children’s needs is absolutely astounding. I know it shouldn’t be. It’s Sunday school 101, I get that. But it is amazing how often we have to relearn the basic principles of our faith. God is always loving, gracious and patient as he leads us through the process… again and again. I’m also amazed at how instead of using something really profound, God often uses something as simple as toothpaste to get his point across.


1 Response to “toothpaste”

  1. 1 Tracy
    December 7, 2011 at 5:02 am

    Great word, and so powerful. I enjoy taking care of my son’s needs. Sometimes we get wrapped in sports, school, and everyday life we forget about the small things. Thank you God for listening to our prayers about the small stuff. What a awesome God we serve.

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