the fullness of time

impatientThere was a television show back in the 80’s that always ended with the lead character declaring, “I love it when a plan comes together”. I’m the same way. I hate lose ends. I can become very anxious, neurotic really, if I have too many projects or situations in my life that don’t seem to be moving towards closure as quickly as I would like. I want to jump into those type of situations and get some resolve, even if it’s artificial and temporary, rather than waiting for a resolution to come in God’s perfect way.

This is really one of the things about God that has driven me nuts in the past. No matter how hard I beg or plead in order to get him to do what I want, when I want, he never gets in a hurry. Ever! He always waits until just the right time to act. And, as result, the outcome is always better than anything I could have devised, or even imagined.

I am learning how to wait patiently on God, and it is getting easier, but I still have my anxious moments. It’s foolish on my part, but sometimes, in the midst of the crisis or difficulty, I forget that God is fully aware of the circumstances and that he has a plan
to bless me, and any of his children who are involved in the situation, even though we might have to go through some “stuff” and patiently endure for a season. In the end, there is a reward though. When the fullness of time (“the right time”) has come God has promised to reveal his perfect plan and the result will be the peace and joy that we long for.


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